Northwest Coast Veterans Association

Who Are We?

We are veterans who wish to continue giving back to our community! It is as simple as that.

We are a non-profit registered Society, Certificate of Incorporation # S0069988

Our Charter says 

"The purposes of the society are to offer support, provide assistance and raise public awareness for the benefit, wellness and respect of veterans and to involve the youth of our community."

All of us have served in the military in one form or another. Our experience covers all the branches, Reserves, Cadets and Rangers. This vast experience and training gives us the ability to help out. 

There are many ways in which we intend to do this. We intend to help maintain our local military heritage by bringing events like the Armistice Ball in Prince Rupert, helping maintain veteran grave sites, helping local retired vets directly here in the community, coming up with youth programs to provide our youth with training and direction to name a few.

Our motto is 'Veterans Still Serving'